Bocsha Food Truk

Bocsha Food Truck is a startup food truck business located Cairo, Egypt. The menu offerings are eclectic, fast food styled sandwiches served fresh and fast in the entertainment area of Childs park. The Sandwiches are incorporated with an ingenious twist to commonly known popular food menu items. The menu options are simple sandwiches and rolls commonly seen at food trucks internationally but with and Egyptian twist that makes it unlike any other food establishment.

Bocsha Food Trucks are owned and operated by Bocsha Egypt, and egyptian startup that is known for its quality, services, creativity, and consistency in wild local egyptian fish and Seafood. 

Bocsha Food Truck will be located in the immensely popular food truck pod located in Child's park nasr city and soon in new cairo. With this popular locations around cairo, Bocsha Food Truck is destined to become a local go-to destination for anyone craving delicious, interesting fare at an affordable price. 

Products Served

The following are the products to be offered byBocsha Food Truck:

  • Buns: ( English Sailor, El Shrimpo, Calamaro, Surf & Turf, Classic Burger)
  • Rolls: (Asian Wonder, Big Bang Shrimp, Crab and Shrimp, Tuna, Japanese Shrimp)
  • Baladi: Fish Fillet, Calamari, Shrimp
  • Fries: Steak and Freskes fries
  • Sundae ice cream & waffles
  • Assorted non-alcoholic beverages

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